Zeppelin Labs




It all started when...

The Zeppelin Labs story began in 2014 with three passionate founders that came together to create a better way to deliver world class software development experiences. 

The ZL team is passionate about creating the best development experience possible. This means that we approach every project with a burning desire to understand your specific business model and design requirements, and offer our insights and feedback along the way to enrich your vision with our experiences. 

Our happiest customers tell us that the one thing they value most about Zeppelin Labs is that we connect the dots better than any other firm they have ever worked with. What this means to you is that we take the time to understand what you need, assemble the talent needed to make your project successful according to your criteria, and we care enough to tell you where we see challenges. 

We use best practices from multiple industries to deliver the best customer experience possible.  

    * Our development methodology uses a modified Agile Kanban approach.
    * We use Design Thinking to uncover both explicit and implicit needs in our discovery session.
    * We use Hurson’s Productive Thinking Model to collaborate and uncover your Success Criteria.
    * We use Design sprints as executed by Google Ventures to rapidly prototype and test product concepts.

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